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Hello From Colorado, I have a 92 Dia Rocky that I would like to convert to Diesel and consequently BioDiesel. I am looking for information about what kind of engine i can use. The problems I might encounter and any other information you might have to share. Thanks so much for this info.


Hi Lorance Any diesel shou

Hi Lorance

Any diesel should run off biodiesel. The Rocky should also be suited to WVO/SVO as it uses the Nippon-Denso (bosch) designed injector pump. Just need to sort either a twin tank system and/or a heating circuit for the oil.

There are quite a few good websites about, who can give you as much detailed info as you need.


As the former director of Bou

As the former director of Boulder Biodiesel in Boulder Colorado I am pretty well versed in the wonderful benefits of Diesels using Biodiesel. This is why I want to convert my gasser Rocky to a Diesel. I was looking for information on what engines might be compatable and a easy to install for our beloved 1992 Rocky. Since we here in the USA are not as advanced as you good folk in the UK in terms of the benefits of Diesel (read not many diesels in USA) I thought I might implore you all to help me in my quest for a cleaner burning vehicle. I know that there are very many Rockys in the UK as well as south america and australia that are diesel. This is why I search here for information.

You mention some websites that have much detailed info. Could you pass those on? Thank you so much for your patience.
Lorance A. Romero
Denver, CO USA

Lorance A. Romero
Denver, CO USA


Main problem will be getting enough room to fit a diesel motor. The US Rocky is a Feroza/sportstrack in other parts of the world and is smaller under the bonnet and lighter in the suspension than the Fourtrack/Rugger/Rocky available in Europe and Australia. There is physically not enough room to fit a Daihatsu DL Diesel motor in there. Other differences between the petrol and diesel vehicles are the brakes are set up different.

Hmmmm yeh you are going to fi

Hmmmm yeh you are going to find it difficult to find a compatible lump to squeeze in to the limited space under the bonnet of you Rocky/Sportrak. I thought gas was cheap over there. Is this going to be an economical conversion to do Unknw

There will be smaller diesel engines that may be suitable in terms of size but then the problems will lie in sorting out an adapter for the gearbox...personally I would'nt bother.

Can you get hold of a Sazuki

Can you get hold of a Sazuki SJ (Suzuki-Jeep) 410, or beter yet 413 transfer box. Don't know if you have such small 4x4's over there. If you can, this trasfer box is remote from the gearbox. I.e. any rearwheel drive engine & gearbox (of a size that'll fit in your engine bay & transmition tunnel) can be fitted too it, with a modified prop shaft. Also the props to the axles would have to be modified. The Merceides G-wagon also uses a remote transfer, it's much stronger, but also much bigger & more expencive.

The problem I noticed when I was thinking about Deiseling a Sportrak (which I gather from other posts is what's called a roky in USA) was the 1600 petrol gearing is so low. Most Deisles don't rev much over 4,500 RPM befor redlining. At these rev.s the Sporti would be doing 65 MPH in 5th. Very noisy, very slow, very heavy on fuel, & not good for engine longjevity.

The low gearing may be in the transfure box, in which case changing to the remote transfure may solve this problem too. However as I didn't persu this conversion I never found out where the solution lay.

I can tell you that if you were thinking this problem could be solved by swaping the diff's for Fourtrak (Rocky in Australia) ones, think again. For some reoson the usually 'like to keep it simple & use the same stuff on as many cars as possible' Jap.s decided to use bango type diffs in the Sportrak, whilst using Sulsbury types in all the Fourtrak series.

Personally I think you'd be better of importing a F78 Fourtrake, with 2.8 Terbo & intercooler. More space inside. More comfortable with coil suspention on the rear (Same torshon bar independent suspention as the Sporti on the front). All ready to go...

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Bio fuel

just incase any body is interested, i have run my 96 rocky fourtrak indi
for 6 years now on a mix of 65% rape seed oil and 35% diesel.{no heated tank or mesing about just stick it in the tank } runs fine never smokes passes mot emitions well below what thay are standard and have covered 96000 in that time never let me down at the start of the year i removed my injectors to have a look see if there was any carbon or crap thay where spotless.

when its hot ie summer haha i mixed 90% vegi oil
if you do your shoping well you can get it for 49 p perr ltr

so if my cfc emitions are less than half my gillfrends 1.2 clio
can i have a road tax refund plus on motorway i get better mpg as well
and if the goverment have been mixing 5% bio with diesel in the pumps for the last 8 years can i have a vat refund as thay have taxt me for diesel not vegi oill