Fourtraks are great


Just want to say to anyone thinking of getting a fourtrak do it cause they are great. I have had my independent for 7 months now and its been great considering the amount of crap i have put it through. The second day I had it I hit a post in the snow which was £3500 to fix but it still drove. It tows over 3 ton more than often and its conquered my local off road course (wildtracks) twice only getting stuck once when I was mis informed and went onto the tank course, but it will go through water coming up over the bonnet no problem. Dont buy a defender they only rust and go wrong, buy a fourtrak it will never let you down.


M8, after yaers of land rovers i finally got a 2.8 fourtrak, mainly cos it cost bugger all, its 2 2.8 non turbo. Got told"why did you get that"

Simple, all of the reasons you said. Simple, diesel, go anywhere and more reliable than a landy.

They are one of the best kept secrets around.




My fourtrack serves me as an every day drive, its a 2.8 non urbo short wheel base. its good on juice and after the mods iv done it will go anywhere its the second time iv iwned this vehicle,sold it and regreted it , bought it back by this time next month it should hopefully go spring over and be running on 36,12.50.15 on 10 inch rims the skys the limit aye

Some people are cottoning on ....

The dealer in Haslemere, where I get some of my 4trak spares, tells me that they have people ringing up every week to see if they have had any second-hand 4traks come in.


Most poeple just think they are another 4x4, they dont know just how good they are. If, and when i ever get the dosh i would like another (late one)



I'm still chugging around,

I'm still chugging around, now in Norfolk with 200,000 on the clock, and except for the busted piston ring MOT overrev, and me trying to change gear like on my old scirocco, that knocked a couple of teeth off 3rd gear,

it's never let me down from new.

OK, Landrover wallahs, beat that !