My Gran Move

Hi there!
I´ve got happy when I found a forum related to daihatsu, so I hope I could make new friends here and share my comments and opinnions about the daihatsus.

I own a 1998 Daihatsu Gran Move (aka Pyzar). My family always had a daihatsu at home, since the charmant in 1981-1993, a Rocky Wagon in 1993, and then we moved to a Applause until 1996. We bought the Gran Move because It looked to be very practical and unique.

Also, I have survived to a car crash with the Gran Move. I was driving at a highspeed avenue, and got hit at the back by other car, and then I had a crash with another car in front of me. Thank god there were no human damages, and I did not had anything like hurts or things like that. After a month at the dealer with repairing, the car went back home, and it´s still working as fine as the first day I drove it.

I´d only installed some few accesories to my Gran Move (I´ve bought themm from Japan): daihatsu genuine trash box, DIN-size cup holder and Center Armrest with box.

I hope to receive ant mail or message from you!
My email is [email protected]
see ya