Lee Foster BoltMeUp


I have just had an unpleasant experience with a company. The company in question is BoltMeUp located in the Midlands. It appears to be a one man operation owned and run by a Lee Foster supplying bolts and like stuff.

I ordered 4 bolts which never showed up. I emailed a great many times regarding the missing bolts and occasionally had one-liner monosyllabic replies offering to sort the problem – the guy appeared to be taking the piss frankly. The phone did not ring because it always went to a fax. I even surface mailed him but had no reply. His address is not even certain from what I can tell on Google. I eventually got onto PayPal and they lent on him and I finally had a refund after two months of crawling over broken glass and barbed wire.

OK my order was for £7.09p, which ain't a huge amount but in accordance with the website they are “dedicated” to my satisfaction. Yeh right! So I figured this would be straightforward to fix but after having my chain yanked once too many times by Lee Foster I got a bit gnarly and dug my heels in.

I urge you to check out “Lee Foster BoltMeUp” on Google. It is quite interesting what flags up – I am not alone in my experience. Ebay has many happy customers feedback but there also some not so happy. His name is mentioned readily on other forums and they are much less positive. Most orders are low value and possibly customers lose the will to chase such a low amount and you might think there is a theme of actively not fulfilling a high percentage of deliveries, but I couldn't possibly confirm or deny that of course.

So beware.