Yrv turbo mods



My turbo running on 17inch alloys and lowered 25mm. Please note u got to grind the rear arches to make 17inch wheels fit and put them on 5mm spacers


Overcoming traction problems on YRV Turbo

We have a Yrv Turbo and have the usual problems with wheel spin when pulling out of corners. What do you recommend? If we put 17inch alloys on could we get away without grinding the arches? Have you noticed any difference in the accelaration now that you have 17's?

Smile 04reg YRV TURBO 130, alloys, CD Player, Spoiler, Chrome Exhausts. Smile

Smile 04reg YRV TURBO 130, alloys, CD Player, Spoiler, Chrome Exhausts.[ Smile

yrv traction (or lack of........!)

I have had the same problems with mine, (hasn,t everybody?) my yrv was useless at taking a corner at anything other than pedesrian speeds, i have taken mine ontrack and understeer was evil! }:), but i have just fitted 195/50 15 Yoko's to mine and oh my word what a differnce,it grips instead of understeering and the ride is also better over bumps too Smile The brakes is a other weak area, but the sirion rally 2&4 front pads (they are apparently ferodo fast road pads)fit and make a big difference to the feel.this is my next little 'mod'
hope this helps

Now- 05 chrade 1.0 SL (my folks's)
Then- 04 yrv turbo / 98 coure + / 06 sirion 1.0 SE / 58 sirion 'se' sport the list grows . . . . .

2 things you can do that help

2 things you can do that helps.

1. lower your YRV with the Eibach springs (from your local Daihatsu Agent)

2. install Whiteline swaybars for rear (if you want it could also be a bigger one for front).

Have installed booth, very good handling, no more "bouncing" ride in corners.

front swaybar

front swaybar installed

rear swaybar installed

rear swaybar installed