Remote central locking module location Sirion 02 F-Speed


Hi all,

I would like to add remote central locking to my 02 Sirion F-speed. I initially thought I had it and bought a key fob but after phoning the dealers they said my model has central locking only and the remote central locking was an optional extra.

I was wondering where the module is normally located in a sirion?

I was also wondering how easy it would be to add the remote central locking module to my car?


Workshop Manual !!

Do you have the Workshop Manual?

You will need it if you are going to attempt this. Guess What - I have it !! LOL.

I have private messaged you. Smile

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I'm sure you can just add the

I'm sure you can just add the module and cant be beyond being fitted if the loom doesn't have the plug already.
Speak to Phil (patch2spots) in Parts Dealers above and he may shed more light on the exact parts needed. Think there's a relay as well as the module needed?
Also send me your chassis number and i can check which is the correct part number for it and if any others like the YRV are similar.
The module is roughly located behind the dash about halfway up of central

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Sirion 2003 workshop manual

Hi, I see on the forum that you may have a workshop manual.
I would be greatful for a copy of the wiring diagram for the central locking as I want to fit a remot locking kit.