Four trak 2nd gear probs


Hi every body, new to this site but was a regular on old one. Have been out of 4 traks for a few years but now i iam back and i have a prob with 1994 independant not going from 3rd to 2nd gear, 1st to 2nd ok, oil changed and clutch fine but no joy. If it is nut on main shaft how do i go about fixing it, thanks very much, trevor.

Trev if its the nut on the ma

Trev if its the nut on the main shaft you will have to drop the gear box m8 to get to the nut...sounds like it might be to me.

The nut will need tightening or replaced if there is damage to it.

Not necessary to drop the ent

Not necessary to drop the entire gearbox/transfer case assembly to get to it. Its possible to just drop the transfer case as a whole off the rear of the gearbox, to access the offending nut.
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Nice idea about the transfer case.

It would also make getting the gearbox out of the vehicle much easier if you could reduce the weight of the whole lump by taking off the transfer in situ, then dropping the gearbox and clutch housing.

I thought of a way of retaining the nut .... it's a bit brutal, but you should never need to touch it again, and is recoverable if you need to undo it.

After tightening the nut, put a couple of tack welds between nut and shaft using a mig welder. The welds need only be small dollops about 4mm in diameter (but pay attention to getting good penetration into the base metal by using lots of current). When you need to get the nut undone in the future, careful application of a 1mm cutting disc on an angle grinder will remove the weld with only little damage to the shaft.

I suggest this heinous fix, because I was impressed with the delicacy with which I could cut steel using an angle grinder and some thin discs (1 mm) which I have just found out about.

2nd gear probs

Thanks very much for your replies,i now have some idea about how to fix it, iam going to tackle this next week, will keep you posted on what i find. Thanks again, trevor.

2nd gear probs

Hi all, after removing transfer box the offending nut was loose on shaft, tighten it up,touch it with the mig in a couple of places, put it all back together and he presto all is fine, all i hope now is that it will last as it gets a bit of stick off roading. Just for the record it is a TDL van,lifted by 3" pro comp gas shocks and 31 10.5 15 Goodrich MTs, thanks again for your replies, trev.

2nd gear dosn't usually denot

2nd gear dosn't usually denote the main shaft problem. 3rd & revurse are the first to die, usually. 2nd just gets harder to engage from age. Dobling the clutch solves this problem.

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