Extol Van front Brakes - irregular wear on near side.


Had an odd graunching sound from the n/s front wheel reported to me by her in doors on her little van. On inspection the outside pad was worn right down so I assumed the rest to be the same. A bit of huffing and puffing got the caliper bolts out and the offending pad came out. It was just onto the metal on its leading edge but the inside pad looked barely worn. I ordered up a new set and set to looking at the offside. All was fine with plenty of pad left. So I intend now to remove the offending n/s caliper and check its cylinder. The sliding part of the caliper is fine and I have, after a struggle, managed to get the cylinder to move, but only just. I suspect seizure but will know more when I get it off and on the bench. The van was owned by a main dealer so I would expect any work had been correctly carried out mind you, that is no guarantee.

Having a problem with getting new pads. The general opinion is that the pads are 114 x 50 but those in these are smaller at 110 x 40. Has anyone had the same problem? I am waiting for a supplier who sent me the large pads to come back with an alternative.

Update. The damage was frost damage and getting pads is impossible other than, finger crossed, Daihatsu. The Factors all quote PAD 1072 which is the same as the Terios. In reality they are too big. The correct pad is ADD64231 but no one stocks them. I have ordered a set for tomorrow direct from Daihatsu and they should be with me tomorrow. £68 a set is 4 times what the Terios one were. when I collect these I will place an update confirming they are correct along with the part number. It will save anyone else trawling round the net.

Are these the correct pads?

Are these the correct pads? Or did you find any? I'm having the same problem. I can't find them anywhere Sad many thanks

Daniel m hing