how do you use your daihatsu??

off road
27% (30 votes)
geting to and from work
50% (55 votes)
fast road use
5% (6 votes)
just putting around
17% (19 votes)
Total votes: 110


Well, use mine for pulling my

Well, use mine for pulling my steam roller out of its shed when needed, shutting around various 4 wheel trailers we have, towing impossably large loads, taking the kids to school, and going to work, all in all 230.000 miles worth of hard working fourtrak.
it's the best!!!
I've had landrovers, range rovers etc etc, nothing comes close for power, comfort, useability ( if my spelling's shot to bits, sorry!!)

a bit of everything off road

a bit of everything off road every weekend fast road to and from work if am late and best of all just ploding around with the grunty 2.8td.the work got a new l200 not very confy compered to my f78 its like driving over speed bumps all the time just have to try it off road some time just to compare but wont use the diff lock.
bet the daihatsu comes out on top

How do you use your Diahatsu?

Again, a bit of everything. To and from work, pulling the horse box at weekends, a bit of off road to get home, and in the winter, I'll be getting home in the snow up the narrow hilly roads. At least I know I will get home!


daily workhorse

daily we use our s fourtrak in go to and from the stables tow horsebox commute and burn off the boy racers with there sad saxos clios etc it soon wipes the smile off there faces Wink


how i use my daihatsu

I use mine for gettin over those difficult things.. mountains!!!
I drive over fields for fun and have some fun off roading in forests in thick snow (when we ever get any)
Thats what 4x4s were invented for isnt it? Certainly not just for the school run or status symbols..
Just one question though, are you supposed to clean them too??? ooops!
My poor muddy splattered Sportrak is also availble in white if you are...:p

how do you use your daihatsu??

We use ours as main transport work and social, this includes 1.5 miles of muddy boulder strewn track from the cottage to main road. This track is a vehicle serial killer and so far the only two cars we've had that survived it are our Sporty and a Citroen AX of all things. Although the ride is somewhat bumpy in the sporty (cant talk or the top set flies out) it has sailed through MOTs. Hairdressers car? I think not.

Fourtrack not starting

i have a 2.8td fourtrack & it wont start! I have primed the sytem, I have a voltage to the shut off solenoid & it clicks, the timing belt is still attached & turning the pump wheel but i dont seem to get any fuel out of the injectors when I crack them open!!


how i use my 4 track

i use it for work every day weekends use it to tow boat and drive over soft sand to launch and retreive no problam at all seen landrovers struggel in sand

Mixture of road driving and m

Mixture of road driving and mild offroad, not doing the offroad as a sport in itself, merely to get to shooting, fishing and ferreting venues. The old Fourtrak is a diamond for this.

Changing from 2WD to 4WH

Greetings again fellow Sportrak lovers.

Just returned from the U.K. (Carlisle is awash!) to the land of ice and fire.

My question is this:

Is it okay to change from 2WD to 4WD without stopping the vehicle? I have to change between the two frequently on the road to Reykjavík as the surface changes from slush, snow, ice, tarmac and mud. The Sporty seems quite happy with the changes, and I think I have automatic hubs (?!!!)

My old Subaru Justy managed this fine without stopping!

Driving through a foot or so of powdery snow yesterday had the pleasure of seeing my mate´s Pajero 88 SWB stuck in said area. How I laughed as I whizzed through nonchalantly!!!

hello , I'm Jacintha from the

hello , I'm Jacintha from the Netherlands and I have a Daihatsu Cuore!

I', geting to and from work, just putting around an geting to and from my boyfriend and friends...It's a alrounder Wink


hello , I'm Jacintha from the Netherlands and I have a Daihatsu Cuore

stress relief

only a demon buys a lemon!
i use mine as a form of stress relief !

If i am having a bad day ( the truck is usually the cause at the mo !) i kick it, thump it , crawl underneath it and threaten it with a spanner and swear a lot .

This works well for about 40 seconds....then i have to start over !}:)

only a demon buys a lemon!

Daily driver and all round play thing!!

I use mine back and forth to work, motorway, A roads right down to green lanes and total off road.
It`s a real worker and carries all my kit around when out shooting, you know all the bits dirty dog, wellies, guns and dead rabbits !!
Wouldn`t change it as its so easy to work on and run.
Keep the Faith
Cheers Cookie


do you shoot from the truck i made o seat that comes back over the bonnet and i soot form that with a shot gun remmy 870 five shot p/a and a rifle .22 the rifle is also good from pass window

have fun shootting

How do you use your Daihatsu?

Both on and off road.
I've not modded it in any way apart from some serious tyres and I managed an incline that defeated 3 land rovers the other day.(made my day that did) It's way steeper than the photos suggest especially the top bit but I think that a f*** it attitude is worth a 2" lift and a snorkel kit any day!
More pics here if you're interested. hosted by