Water coolant sensor



I have a Cuore L7 1.0 made in 1998. My water coolant sensor is wrong. It is impossible to find a new one! Because the thread diameter is M14x1.5 and all of the sensors that I found was M12x1.5
Can somebody help me where can I find one on reasonable price? Thanks in advance!



Just done a search on eBay for Daihatsu Cuore Water Sensor and 3 came back in the search results. No specs of the diameter on any of them, but you could always ask the seller that question. Also check the plug connectors to make sure they are correct for your wiring. Worth a shot. Also worth contacting IM (International Motors) selling on EBay as Impartsb46 as these are the official UK parts suppliers for Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Subaru UK dealerships, and you may get this part cheaper than going through the actual dealerships.

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