Want to lift my 95 Independent


Hi Again Peeps
Been reading with interest all your comments,and a few of you seem to know what you,re talkin about!I want to lift my 95 independent,to accomodate bigger tyres and give better ground clearance,but the problem is that unlike the earlier 4traks,the independent seems more difficult.Just spoken to la supertrux,who,apart from wanting a shedload of dosh,say they can only lift the body by 3" but NOT the suspension? Any body got any views/ideas?

Body lift is better. It lift

Body lift is better. It lifts the car to allow bigger wells, but dosen't lift the centre of gravity by so much as an axle lift. You can basicly lift as high as you like, but over 2/3 inches you'll start to need to replace things like brake pipes & wiring with longer components.
To be honest you can get 31/10.50-15s on the normal alloy (tear drop) weels, into a standard Indipendent weel arch with 2 minour modifications.
1st ajust the front suspention ride hight so the car stands level (instead of the standard nose down stanse). This is easy to do. There is a bolt on the end of the torshon bars (below the front seating area roughly). Jack to front weels off the floor & adjust thse bolts.
Then bend the front mud flaps out of the way of the tyres. They will catch on full lock, but not on anything that's going to hurt.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

torsion bars

was going to do the same to mine but was concerned about wether or not to fit larger bumpstops just incase overdoing the torsion bars when botoming out the suspension...:?

I can see where your comming

I can see where your comming from. The lift required to stand her level is only about an inch, so probably nothing to worry about. If your talking stupid amounts of lift, then that would probably be a sensible precaution. Though I suspect youd have to be giving it large off road to endanger the torsion bars.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Latest on lifting my suspension

Hi Nev..just been reading the latest comments.My bits arrive Tuesday,and will be fitted by the end of the week.Someone asked why I was going for heavy duty Torsion bars..no real reason,other than the fact that ive heard of the standard ones breaking if wound up too much.The springs are 2" higher than standard,and i,m hoping to have it all fitted before next weekend.Just had a set of pro comp 9000s fitted,so altogether,she should be ready for some good off road fun,as Ive struggled before with the standard ground clearance.Methinks a trip up to Langdale quest is on the cards!Watch this space! Cheers

rear springs

how much did you pay for the rear springs from west coast 4x4.
how did you get on with them chears m8

if the independent is the one

if the independent is the one i think it is then it has independent saspention so i would think you can lift it the same way you lift the sportys by winding up the tortion bars hope this helps

2.8TDS mettalic green, black star mud Tyres, light bar, snorkel, 2" lift, totally off road!!!



You can. I had one with 31's

You can. I had one with 31's under the standard weel arches by doing this. See gallary, (muddy green & silver girl).

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

lifted independant

Hi, my 94 TDL is lifted by about 3". To do this i wound up front torsion bars and fitted new rear coil springs that were 3" longer,i got these from a company advertising in 4x4 off road. I now run 31 10.5 15 goodrich MTs and on full axle articulation they dont touch any where,i now have 13" of clearance under gear box cross member.trevor.

Your mods

Hi Trevor..Thanks for your feedback M8.Can you recall which company you got your springs from? I,ve tried loads of places thru ads in 4x4 mart etc,just spoke to Bronco 4x4 today..but same response as all the others!I,m desparate to get some lift.!!13" underneath is a whole lot better than ive got at moment.Cheers

My mods

Hi mate, sorry have been away and only just got your posting, have eventually found where i got my coil springs from,D&R motor springs & spares,units 1b +c,22 Lothian Rd, Tollerton, Notts, NG12 4EH. Tel 01159376652, or www.drsprings.com, they do + 1", +2" or made to what you want ie +3". Hoping this is of use, trevor.

Coil springs

Hi Trevor..Thanks for the info,since last posting,i,ve just ordered a pair of springs from West Coast 4x4 in Southport,along with a aset of heavy duty torsion bars,which will lift me by about 2.5" all round,or a bit more if I play about with it,so at last I,ll be able to get some decent clearance,and bigger rubber.They also do a body lift kit,which I,ll talk to them about on Saturday,when I collect my goodies!..Think I need a lottery win though ! Cheers ps.where in UK are you?

Coil springs

Hi mate,sounds like your sorted, be interested to know why you need HD torsion bars, mine are standard and some of the off roading i do is pretty extreme and so far no probs.In reply to your PS i live in East Devon. cheers for now, Trevor.

lifting my independent

Cheers for all your suggestions guys.I,m speaking to Bronco 4x4 in morning.They seem to do a lot in the way of springs etc.Due some new tyres,so may as well spend a bit more on some decent size ones.Anyone North west/cheshire?..could do with getting a few of us together one day for a bit of off roading fun.Cheers