Rear Lights


Hi Everyone
This is my first venture into 4x4's and the Daihatsu Drivers web site so loads of questions sooner or later, but my first question is regarding the false rear light clusters on my 1991 sportrak,the ones on the side pillars, can they be replaced with working lights so that there are 2 sets of lights at the back instead of just the ones in the bumpers.I apologise if this question has been posted before but as I said this is all new to me.
regards Amigaman

Rear lights

Hi Amigaman !! name !..try Westaway motors in northampton on 01604686262.I,ve had loads of bits from them for my 4trak.They buy up stocks from dealers who lost the Daihatsu franchises..worth a try

Yes. There is a standard kit

Yes. There is a standard kit for doing this. Two piller light clusters. A wiring rig to plug them in, and a fog light to replace the reversing light in the rear bumper.
Of course you could probably get all the lights of e-bay (or other), and make up the wiring yourself.

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