Any other Move owners out there?


Been all over the internet and it seems like these cool little cars have been all but forgotten. I swapped a secondhand pushbike for one off a mate, and the little car has got under my skin. Thing is It needed bits to get it mobile. So I searched. I may be wrong but It seems to me the trick with anything but service parts is stare at the part that's broken, get on E bay type in various different Hatsu/Perodua models and look at the pictures. If It looks like it might be the part buy it and cross those fingers. Its worked so far.
My Move still needs some work so bearing in mind parts availability I did the obvious thing,..I bought another one. I aint bad with spanners but I am struggling with various bits. Techs specs. where to find parts more easily anyway that's why im here cos the other one needs work too (cant decide if its a spares car or a project yet) So anyway Hello, My name is Mark and I have a Move habit...


Ha ha. People seem to be active on here in waves, sometimes it's busy and sometimes it's dead! I have a little Mira Classic and it seems to share some parts with the Move - discs for example. I think a lot of engine parts are common on all the 3 cylinder lumps - I used a sump from a 1 litre Cuore for my 659cc engine. I just use a friendly Car Auto Parts dealer who keep trying different parts until I get the right one! I guess you've already been on Kei Kars in the Park's site, they've always been very helpful with me, especially Darren who's a bit of a Move expert.
Good luck with it.


Thanks Weary

I have been messing about with various cars for years, The whole Daihatsu thing is purely accidental though. I was really surprised how neglected these cars are by the wider world and how little there is out there for them. I tried the Local Daihatsu specialist (well still listed as one, but also does other cars now) asking after stuff like anti roll bar bushes. Pretty simple ask for one of the most modern cars I have owned in ages you would think. No, absolutely not a chance. I have located a new set now but I ended up fitting secondhand ones to MOT it. What started out as simple transportation has become an exercise in how bloody minded do I need to be keeping this thing alive. That's a real shame cos the UK public at large really missed a trick with these little cars. Those little engines keep giving and giving, The head has been going on my daily for months and yet It still does what it needs to do. I just don't give it as much of a flogging these days and change the fluids regularly. Soon It will be out of MOT and that's where the other one comes in for a bit. When the MOT runs out on that the Original plan was two become one good one. I had no idea Kei Kars in the park existed so thanks for the heads up.

Yeah, Daihatsu's get under

Yeah, Daihatsu's get under your skin alright, especially if you don't want to be normal. Not only did the public miss a trick, but Daihatsu missed a trick pulling out of Europe, they've got some cracking little funky cars that would have sold on their cute factor alone, let alone reliability.
Have you tried looking at Perodua Kenari's for parts? I think they're basically the same except they use the 1.0 litre triple from the Cuore (another great Daihatsu).
Of course, what you really need is a Mira Classic that needs some TLC. You'd never get stuck in the snow, and you'd be the envy of all your friends when they saw the leather seats and wooden Momo steering wheel!


Funny you should say that

Funny you should say that When I got mine it had a bent front hub carrier. I did my squint at Ebay trick, took a guess at a Kenari one. Matched it up with the old one and it was the same part even down to the little letter D giving away its origins blatantly. I have toyed with upgrading to the 1.0 but I was a little reluctant worrying how things would work out and line up. and even if I got it in would I be stumped by the electrics. My Knowledge is pretty old school ECUs and the like are a new thing for me. Give me a Distributer with a condenser and a set of points and a Carb I know where im going. This stuff is witchcraft at this point. Maybe im worrying over nothing. anyway I have signed up to KKATP and Stuff is becoming much clearer already, so cheers for that.

1998 Move

I'm the proud owner of a 1998 Move of which I bought in the Netherlands. This is exactly the car I needed, being simple and not having unnecessary options of which I don't have any use for, such as power-assisted steering and electric window lifts.
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