Exhaust note / performance exhaust


I just bought a 2009 Daihatsu Sirion 1.5 SX+ Twincam
So need to know where I can get a decent exhaust from, Looking to give it a better tone, a bit more grunt as it sounds ok atm as I have changed the air filter for a cone style one with aluminium piping to increase air inflow, but plan to have the engine remapper to 140bhp asap, so want it to sound like it will go

Running 17" Calibra wheels and low profile Nexen tyres improves handling massively will be fitting Spax springs next week to lower it 30mm Smile

Custom made exhaust maybe the way to go.

I think you'll have a challenge to find any aftermarket parts like a exhaust for your car, unless you import them. I'm surprised you found lowering springs. As the original lowering upgrade offered by the dealerships at the time were eibachs, and lowered the car by 25mm. When I owned the YRV Turbo, I managed to source a lot of parts from EBay and Japan directly.
As for an exhaust. A lot of Daihatsu model owners went for custom made stainless steel ones. And normally will work out cheaper than a mainstream made one. You could have a look out for something like a Blitz Nur-spec system. If blitz make a system for your model. I ended up getting a spec-R one for mine, which really was designed for the 4 wheel drive version, but would fit if you upgraded to polybushes to help keep the exhaust from moving and knocking. As for remapping. Be interesting to see how you do this, as the ECUs are locked I believe? As again it was a challenge for me to find anyone who can do this, and in the end went for a piggy back system and mapped to the mods of my car. Unfortunately even though a turbo, I didn't get that much power gain over the 130 BHP the car already had. At most it came up to 150 BHP. I was told because the small inter cooler was letting it down. So be interested wha the 1.5 non turbo will make from the 101 BHP it has as stock.

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Have one made up in Stainless.

I used PP Tuning in Louth Lincolnshire. They were brilliant. But I'm sure many will make up one for you. Smile

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

I make custom stainless

I make custom stainless exhausts for the cars no one makes mainstream, I'm making my sirion a cat back stainless in two weeks if anyone would like one, mine is 4wd though