2004 Charade Automatic gearbox oil change


Hi. Is it possible for the home mechanic to change the automatic gearbox oil on a 2004 Charade? If so has anyone done this who can share their method of how it is done?

If it's anything like the YRV Turbo auto box then yes.

Have done an auto box oil change on what was one my YRV Turbo before I sold it on to a fellow enthusiast.
Basically the auto oil should be changed every 3 years, but it's not part of the service schedule Sad
To change the oil make sure you have something like Dexron VI oil. Although the manual will mention Dexron III. All you need to do is remove the sump plug on the autobox, same as changing the oil in the engine. To refil, on the YRV Turbo auto box, was to refill using the dipstick hole. Bear in mind that you will not get a complete change and could take a couple of fills and drains to get a complete change. Also be surprised that the colour will be black and not the red it should be as on the auto dipstick Wink
Also if this is the same as the YRV Turbo autobox, there is also a filter in the autobox that should get changed as well. This is a specialist part. And normally can be gotten from a dealership. Or if you ask at a parts place there maybe a pattern aftermarket part available. I opted for the former, but cost me £50 as it was ordered from Japan which took 2 weeks.
As for getting at the filter, it was a pain on the YRV as the subframe was in the way. Good luck.

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Transmission flush

The fluid filters on Aisin automatics are mostly, if not always, just finely-meshed screens of which can be removed and cleansed with solvent. The next best thing next to complete disassembly would be to have the gearbox flushed. There may be a similar video filmed in English: