Rear leaf springs


Hi everyone Im new to this site and new to daihatsu but loving it there a lot fun any way I was wondering about putting my springs over axel instead of under to gain some lift would I need longer shackles or would they still work


In a word, NO.

In a word, NO.

If you do a spring over conversion it will lift the vehicle body, but not the engine and transmission, and the clearance under the axles will remain the same, the vehicle will become unstable and everything you used to catch under the vehicle will still catch.

You will have to lengthen all your brake lines, your steering column, your gear sticks, and anything else between the body and chassis.

I think your thinking of a

I think your thinking of a body lift fella. Which would be my choice if I were to do a lift at all, as it allows bigger wheels while keeping the centre of gravity lower. It does have all the lengthening issues mentioned though.

A spring over conversion will not need longer shackles. The lift will be the width of the springs and the axle. Quite a hight! You will need to change the shock absorber mountings though, and lengthe the props. Trouble can come from the new angles on the props being too steep....

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