Air Con Fully Gassed & working but cuts out while stopped


Car has been working fine for the last 3 years (since I owned it) and due to the heat where we live its on all the time.
If you are driving along it is fine and cool, So we know it has gas & have been told today by an air con tech that it is still full.
However if you stop for a few minutes you will then hear the fan cut out and then almost straight away the air con completely stops and we are flooded with warm air.
It does appear that if I rev the car it then works.

Any ideas and why does the fan stop working?

Thanks in advance.

I had similar -- but not on a

I had similar -- but not on a Daihatsu. In my case I replaced the fan relay, That made no difference, so I replaced the battery -- it was old anyway, and that fixed it. So I guess it was low battery voltage at tickover causing the relay to drop out.
Good luck

John Turner