Terios Very weak or no spark at number 2 coil


Anyone else had this problem tryed new coil and injector . New spark plugs . Don't seam to be any power coming though wires on no2 code showing p0302

Have you checked to see if you have an igniter box?

Some of the Daihatsu's engines have something called an igniter box. It's basically an oblong black/dark grey plastic box which has metal connections inside. On the YRV Turbo engine k3-VET and later engines this was introduced. One of the issues with these enclosed boxes is that sometimes you can get corrosion. To fix this, it's either opening up of the box with a knife or sharp tool. Or replacing it. To find if you have one, follow the coil pack cables. I can only go off that on the YRV turbo with auto box, the igniter was actually attached to the top of the auto transmission inside the bonnet/hood and was nestled underneath the top mount intercooler.

Edit: this maybe useful. There is a copy of the ignition diagram from a Daihatsu PDF manual that may help. It's for the K3-VE engine (1.3).
It's in the gallery section under Technical.

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