Taft F50 DG Engine


Hello everyone.

I'm hoping there are some veteran Daihatsu owners who may be able to assist with a problem I have.

I have inherited Series 2 Landrover with what is either a 2.4 or 2.5 DG Engine fitted. It Is as a non runner and have been working through the mechanicals with the intention of getting it back on the road.

I don't want it to take over my life or bankrupt me so I'd hoped to keep everything as is but after trying to track down information and spares for the engine I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I may need to replace it.

I would like to keep the current engine if possible, assuming I can get it running properly. I am having issues with the Diesel pump at the moment. With bleeding and priming I can get the engine to run for a couple of seconds but then it dies.

I will persevere with this for now but does anyone know if there are spares available for these engines? Either from the UK or abroad. I've tried Milners but they cant help.

Or does anyone have a donor engine sat in a shed or know someone who might?

And I guess if the answers to these questions are not good, what's a good replacement? Milner said they stocked spares for the 2.8DL engine's still but these were limited. I don't really want a Turbo as it will probably be too powerful for a 50 year old drive train.

any help appreciated.