Terios wheels replacement - CRV?


My 2001 Terios has the standard alloy 15 inch J6 rims with 37mm ofset and I want to know if it is possible to fit the 16"steel wheels from a Honda CRV (1997 - 2006 models - Marks 1&2). These are J6 with 45mm of offset.
I have looked on wheel sizing charts and the only other difference (apart form the off set) is the hub size (Terios 66.60mm, CRV 64.10mm).
Has anyone fitted the CRV wheels to a Terios and does the hub of the CRV wheel have to be machined larger to fit the Terios hub size?

I am planning to drive my Terios to Mongolia for charity this summer - hence One Steppe Beyond! - Yes, it's Madness!! :o)

If you're interested you can read about it at www.justgiving.com/donations/one-steppe-beyond

Many thanks for any advice! (and support for the charity drive!!)

Mongolian Madness....

So we (my two daughters and I) made it to Mongolia (via Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, ferry across the Caspian sea and then through "the 'stans" up to Russia and then into Mongolia. We drove back across the breadth of russia (from Lake Baikal to Moscow and on in to Lithuania, Latvia nd Poland before finally crossing Germany, Holland, Belgium and back in to France and the ferry back to the UK.
24,000 km (15,000 miles) in 39 days!!!
Our Terios was superb! One oil & filter change and several times blowing through the air filter ( to get the desert sand out of it) was the sum total of the attention it received.
It ran on black market, filthy dirty, 80 octane petrol sold in plastic bottles on street corners, it ran through 45 deg C temperatures in Turkmenistan, it ran all day, every day, usually covering about 800km per day - and it never missed a beat!!
We returned with two broken rear coil springs and a broken exhaust held on with coat hanger wire and self tapping screws but these set backs never stopped our trusty steed!
It was magnificent! And as we loved it so much it has now been repaired and is ready to go again... Smile
BUT - I never did get any feedback about the wheel sizes.... has anyone ever done this? Any advice would be welcome..

One Steppe Beyond