Malfunction Indicator Light


Hi all, I'm Ross and the owner of a 2009 Daihatsu Sirion S. Last night the Malfunction Indicator Light became illuminated and has remained on since. I called my breakdown cover and they said it was safe to drive home but to get it inspected ASAP. This morning I have purchased a fault code reader and the fault code reads PO335- Crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction. The light is constantly on but does not flash and the light is yellow coloured suggesting it's not dangerous but should be checked to prevent damage to the car.

In case it's relevant, the car has had a new clutch in the last 6 weeks.

Before I go out and get ripped off by a garage, does any one have experience with this issue and is it something I could potentially fix myself (I'm not a mechanic and have a very basic knowledge of car workings.

Any help much appreciated.