feroza and a terios differential?


hey guys

used to own a feroza f300 years ago, ended up putting some off road mods on it and driving it across the sahara. consequently it stuck in my memory as my favourite most fun car of all time!

anyway, bought another one a year ago. the car was in immaculate condition, like new, except that the engine had bottom end problems. so i decided to put something a little more sporty in there, especially since i was planning to put some big mud terrain tyres on. so i decided to put a honda k20 type r engine in there.

designed and laser cut a gearbox to engine adapter plates, custom machined a flywheel to adapt the feroza clutch to the k20 engine, custom engine mounts, custom exhaust, air intake from the honda. managed to get all the dials working on the dash. (i own a well equipped machine shop so luckily have everything at my disposal to make custom parts), i rebuilt the engine prior to install, and the gearbox, so the entire engine drivetrain as well as the car are in rebuilt condition.

the thing thats bugging me now, is the rear diff has quite a lot of backlash. i could just put up with it, but since ive gone to so much trouble restoring/improving the car, i really wanted to rebuild it. the backlash is coming specifically from the spider gears, ive already checked and set the ring and pinion gears, they seem in good condition.

1st question, how much prop shaft rotation should there be on the rear diff when its new? the front diff feels good, with only about 5 degrees rotation on the prop shaft, but the rear has at least 30 degrees.

second question, will a terios rear diff fit into the feroza/sportrak axel? or will any other rear diff fit? are the ratios the same? or are the spider gears interchangeable? i really want to get this rear diff rebuilt, but cant find a rebuild kit anywhere, and im thinking it would be easier to find a good condition diff from a newer daihatsu.

aside from that the car runs great, its a lot of fun being able to hang on to the revs until 8500 rpm over sand dunes

i could post pics if anyone is interested

hope someone with some knowledge on this can help me out

thanks in advance