TDS van sides to stationwagon windows?


Hi All,

Just bought a clean fourtrak tds in van spec, wondering how difficult it would be to convert to windows and rear seats?
if its not too difficult (ie doestn need an angle grinder or any welding) does anyone have the parts id need? (think it would be swb rear seats ((unless lwb ones would work or jump seats would be perfect!)) rear seat belts and the glass and braces?)

thanks all


Change the top over to one

Change the top over to one with windows, but be aware that the windows corrode terribly and many swapped them for the van tops.

I think Assassin has mistaken

I think Assassin has mistaken your post. The TDS is a short wheelbase commercial with a tin roof while the TDL would be the long wheelbase base with a removable fibreglass roof. It wouldn't be difficult at all, The alloy van side panels are only held in by glue so would pop out unless they have been riveted in at some point. All you'd need are windows, hinges, latches and the window seals for the glass bit of the conversion. For the seats you'd need a SWB rear seat (different to the LWB ones), seat brackets, bolts and the seatbelt(s) assembly. I might have the suitable parts for you, I'll let you know.

You could get both, it would

You could get both, it would have been nice if the OP put a year in.

Seats are the same in LWB and SWB as are their mountings, and seat belt mountings.