F73 not starting/clicking noises


I have a 94 fourtrak that since being delivered to my house has been nothing but problems.

I was told that it was struggling to start and that it needed a new battery so once I had replaced I started it up and all was fine, some screeching in the engine bay but I thought nothing of it. After driving 6 miles it broke down and I called AA. They said the alternator was not fitted correctly and was on an angle damaging it so they had to recover me. I've changed over the alternator and re-charged my battery and now it's not starting. I can hear a loud clicking from the engine bay behind the battery? And I have the water-fuel light thing on even after removing the water from the filter.

Can anyone help? I need the car before christmas otherwise I'm not getting anywhere!

Begin at the beginning, is

Begin at the beginning, is your battery in good condition and are your terminals clean and making good contact.

Are the positive cable and negative cable in good condition and connected to the starter properly, and is the earth connection to the body in good condition and not corroded, connect a jump lead earth to the battery negative terminal and a clean spot on the engine and try starting, this will eliminate the earth cable.

Next, down to the starter as it could be arced solenoid connections and if you short out the two large bolts on the starter it will eliminate this if it doesn't start and only clicks, if it starts then dismantle the solenoid and clean the contact faces with a small file to bright metal.

If it doesn't start when shorted out it has to be either the starter motor brushes or an internal fault in the starter windings, strip the end cap off and note the condition of the brushes and replace them (about £7 from an electrical specialist) and don't forget to clean off the commutator and remove any debris from the grooves of the commutator.