2003 Charade economy (lack of!)


Hi everybody,

I'm a newby to the forum and would appreciate any thoughts/advice/suggestions regarding a drop in fuel economy in relation to my 2003 Charade 1.0 EL.
I don't really know where to start, tyre pressures all good, no binding brakes. New air filter and plugs plus I've had the ECU 'read' and there are no codes current or stored.
So, I don't know where to go next hence the question to those in the know.
Many thanks in advance, Denz1l

You've covered all the points

You've covered all the points I'd have checked so I'm at a loss! The only things that I know of that go wrong on these are rear wheel bearings (could be worth a check), and the inlet manifold gasket - which probably wouldn't be anything to do with it, but is worth you knowing because it tricks you into thinking it's the water pump because the water trickles down the back of the engine where you can't see it, and drips off the bottom of the pump.
Sorry I can't be any help, maybe someone else can, but answers are a bit slow these days, a lot of people have headed to various Facebook pages.