4x4 not working need help


Hello all I am having a problem with the 4wd on my fourtrak f73 rocky we have recently done a clutch change on it and when pressing the 4wd button nothing is happening I have read online about there being a possible vacume hose i have puller the gear stick surround up and noticed 2 circle boxes unterneith with 2 wires from each at which 1 has a wire off could that be the problem or what are they.

Usually it is the two

Usually it is the two solonoids under the vehicle, they are mounted on the O/S of the gearbox, they get filled with mud and detritus and corrode internally, remove them and mark eack pipe as you remove it, fill with a cleaning/penetrating spray and hope it clears it, fully clean and check the vacuum when they are re attached; if they still don't work then its secondhand ones.