Coolant Temperature Sensor Terios J100


Can someone tell me where the Coolant Temp Sensor is actually located in the J100. On my manual under the EFI section it shows that there is supposed to be one but fails to tell you where it is located. Tells you about all the others but not this one. The engine fault light is up on dash and when I did the diagnostic test it comes up with 4 flashes pause then 2 more flashes which are for the temp sensor. I have only recently brought this Terios and am trying to put it back together as it also seems to be missing a vacuum hose from the idle adjuster. When I adjusted it it never worked and was idling high.
Is there a diagram anywhere of where all the vacuum hoses are supposed to be.
Any help would be appreciated.

temp sensor

Found the sensor. Wasn't plugged in. Plug was hiding behind wire loom. Temp gauge now working. Still not sure about all the vacuum hoses if anyone can help.