Sirion clutch biting point


Hi folks.
I'm new to Daihatsu cars but know they are good little Japanese motors. I've bought a 2008 Sirion 1.0 but it needs lots of tlc. It's on 88k miles and the clutch biting point is very high up in the pedal travel. It's quite hard to drive but the clutch doesn't actually seem to slip when engine pushed. I believe the cable can be manually adjusted along with the pedal as shown here :
Do you think if I do that I can improve the clutch operation and delay the need for a new clutch?
Thanks for any help.

Not sure if your Sirion has

Not sure if your Sirion has the same adjusters as the earlier ones in that diagram, but it should be easy enough to adjust the cable to suit you. If it is the same cable adjuster, you might want someone to help you as the dial has to pull out a little before you can turn it, so if someone can push the clutch lever back where the cable attaches then it makes it easier for you.
Hope that makes sense!