Where to find Fourtrak Independent TDX Fuel Tank


Just bought a Fourtrak for work round the farm and the odd run into town. Parked on a slope overnight, noticed this morning a puddle of diesel underneath. Got the guard off, and the tank seam appears to be rotted at the rear. I heard spares are easily available for this vehicle, but have been unable to source a replacement tank. I am not keen to start welding it, being easily startled by loud noises, and really (really really really) need this vehicle working asap. Any ideas where I might find a suitable replacement? Cheers

SOLVED: Where to find Fourtrak Independent TDX Fuel Tank

Just to follow up on this - removed the tank, found several leaks, two along the lower seam and a few rust pinholes round the sides, cleaned it all up, liberally applied Plastic Padding Chemical Metal, painted everything in sight with Hammerite direct to rust, gave it a top coat of grease, slithered it all back into place, and voila! No leak and outstanding mpg.

Underneath the tank seems to be a prime catchment area for rust and general crud, so before the tank was replaced everything was wirebrushed and sprayed with chainsaw bar oil as a hillbilly alternative to underseal (tip from Mustie1's Youtube channel).

Just got to change the fluids, do timing belt and tappets, fit new waterpump and vicious fan, replace the powersteering belt, fix the fog light, and fix a slow leak in a rear tyre, and she'll be good to go...