Insurance issue


Hi, im new to the forum and currently own a 2001 Daihatsu Atrai 7. My insurance is up for renewal but trying to obtain quotes is a nightmare as majority of company's dont have Atrai on their systems (even tried a few jap import specialist), but however a few have quoted me based on my vehicele being a Hijet. I wanted advice on this as not 100% sure if insuring my vehicle as a Hijet would be legal.

Any advice would be appreciated


Daihatsu van insurance

I have an Extol which looks very much like the Astrai and have had no problem with insurance currently its with Halifax. Having said that i have just returned from living in France where it was impossible to either register or insure the Extol. Daihatsu France charged 250€ for a Certificate of Conformity but wrote after weeks confirming Non conformity. The French system wanted a further 2000€ to inspect the Extol and if they decided to refer it for changes every such referral cost another 2000€. I know this doesn't help but it shows how stupid a version of the same van can experience problems with insurance etc.

M J Young