Sell weld scrap?


Not sure how to put this, so here goes.

I have had my 1300 project for over a year and got some good headway on welding up all the horrors. It is a big job and unfinished. Even I if I do complete it, I am going to struggle to use it due to health issues, as its is a manual transmission. I have an auto car that is like new (Daihatsu!) that covers all my basic use.
The idea was originally to build a micro all in one RV leisure wagon and I still have a goal to do that, at the time I thought I would get better and that is not going to happen naturally.

There are good new parts fitted and I have taken the tank off for painting, have Heated leather smart car seats ready to fit and all that kind of stuff, spares ect, even two blue side doors, roof bars and box.

I have reached the point where I have to ask myself what am I doing putting myself through needless pain and exhaustion without any benefit?

If any one would consider buying it whole or for spares I should probably work something out with you. If you are serious about continuing with welding and fabricating parts it is viable, but not a quick job. I would do it but I cannot justify purchasing a sheet metal box/brake for something I cannot well use, when I could put that towards another automatic.
I have learned that I can weld competently, several magnitudes better than the laughable 'MOT' welding I have encountered along the way.

As it is now, I can put the wheels on and you could trailer it away, that's how it got here, though the engine does run and idles quietly, BUT I never road tested it.

It is in south Norfolk and I would be happy to show what I have done, and what needs to be done, and the parts but I suspect it will be more likely along the for 'spares' route.