2008 Terios, water pump failure?


Hi all, any help would be appreciated please.

Never had any problems with my Terios until this week. I drove about 40 miles and on arrival I saw some coolant dripping from under the engine towards the bulkhead, not from the radiator. I left the car in a car park for a couple of days, came back and checked the coolant level which seemed fine. I started the car and no coolant dripping but 6 miles up the road the red temperature light came on and it overheated. I stopped the car immediately and found a big puddle of coolant on the ground and steam everywhere. Prior to this there was a screeching noise under acceleration and I figured the water pump might be on it's way out.

Just before I went on this trip I'd checked my oil and coolant levels and topped up accordingly and at first I thought I might have just overfilled the coolant. The car is currently in France having been recovered to a compound while I decide what to do next. I have the option of recovery back to the UK too.