Steering Alignment


HI Guys,
My Fourtrak has a steering problem, when the
front wheels are in a strait line the steering wheel
is out of position! its slightly turned to the right!
does this mean that the track rod ends have more
ajustment on one side, than the other?

Steering Alignment


My Sportrak is the same. The steering is fine and brakes in a straight line,etc, etc, but if im crusing at a reasonable speed in a straight line i notice the steering wheel is slightly to the right!!


Steering Alignment


i guess this can be normal, like mentioned previously, if the steering wheel wasn't put on correctly or the tracking was done with the s.wheel not put straight.

another possibility, if it only happens at above, i'd say 25 mph, then could be the camber of the road. some models of vehicles are cruel for this, my saab (yeh i know...what's that!?!?!?) is terrible for this and i bought it from new. also, it may sound strange but in my experience, unevenly worn shocks can cause this.


Steering Alignment

> strait line

That's dire! Sorry, couldn't resist ;-)

It could be the track adjustment or simply that someone's not put the steering wheel back on straight.



Sirion SE wheel alignment (year 2009)

I would like to know what the correct "toe in" is for my Sirion. The garage said they have done it. But I know this garage does not have the equipment. ( I asked where it was, and was told they have to take cars that need wheel alignment to another garage around the corner )
And my in dash cam shows it never left the garage except for a few test drives. If information is in the manual then I been through it twice and missed it. I can check the (toe-in) my self within a few degrees I just don't want to take it to the main dealer pay £30 or more to find out there nothing wrong with it. Yes it drives straight but the tyres squeal when turning corners which it did not before it went to the garage? Thanks