gallery submissions?


i know i am a bit dunce, but i cannot figure out how to submit pics of my feroza to the gallery? how do you do it?

here are some pics of it on my car domain site.

The easiest way to submitting

The easiest way to submitting to the Gallery is to goto and to then fill in the relevant parts and then hey presto your image is online. However have to remember to specify if its for your personal gallery or not and that images are limited to being less than 200k in file size.



Submitting photos

HI Lurch, I'm having a problem uploading my photos, it keeps coming back saying the file I'm trying to upload is too big. They're just standard photos off my digital camera - I can't make them any smaller. Help!

to big

make sure your pics are saved to a jpeg file if not they will be to big to download

woohoo.. dont know exactly wh

woohoo.. i clicked on the link posted above and i got a screen with a 'browse' option so i could find a pic/s i wanted to upload.

cheers guy's.

Depending on the settings you

Depending on the settings you have set on your camera it might create lovely big high quality pics which are very big in file size. What you'll need to do is open them up in any graphics program and save them as a smaller jpg. Even Microsoft Paint in ME and XP can save jpgs which may be able to get them within the file size limit.




Nope aint just you !! Ive been trying for weeks..nay..months to get pics on,but never any joy! I,m going into create content,clicking on pics,then the only button I see is "preview" as soon as i hit it...I wait for ages and nothing happens?I,m as keen to show my Rocky too ! Help anyone?

Have you tried within the las

Have you tried within the last couple of days? As has been a reasonably large change in the backend of the image uploading and manipulation which may have solved the problem.


Pics Uploaded

Hi All
Successfully uploaded pics, in personal image folder, once i have mastered art will put in open gallery.