This is what NASA based their moon buggy on!

Have posted a few pics of my Daihatsu F50 soft top (1980) which has a normally aspirated 2.5 litre diesel engine. She has recorded 163,000 miles and runs like a dream! Would like to know if there are any other F20/F50 owners out there? If so, get your pics on this site.

Would like to trace any original literature for this vehicle and technical manuals.



Aaah, an F50 owner!!! I have

Aaah, an F50 owner!!! I have an F50 too, from 1979. It doesn't have the original body... but it's all F50 other than that. What kind of speed can you get out of yours? I ask that because mine will soon be on the road and I've only been as high as 50 mph... plus: photos coming soon!

F50 Top Speed.

Thanks for reply. At the moment my speedo is not working due to a broken cable. I have a new one on its way from Japan though. Have had my F50 on the motorway and she runs perfectly. I am pretty sure I have had her cruising at about the seventy mark but was not pushing too hard. Should be back in order in about three weeks so will test and report back.

F50 pics

The photos of my F50 are up in the gallery now... it's the Jeepâ„¢-ish looking thing.


I have an original F50 in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Where could I find a workshop manual or other literature?

daihatsu f20

hi there,
posted a couple of pictures of my f20 which has a kit mod eagle rv, 1600 petrol pictures are not very good will get some more up asap, do you know how i could get hold of a f20 manual.

thanx mark notts

anybody got any f20 info

Pictures of Beatsey, my F20,

Pictures of Beatsey, my F20, are posted in the Fourtrack gallery now. Labeled Proper Daihatsu! Dosen't look very origenal I know, but 12 years of trialing will do that to any car. Hang on a minuet, no it won't, cous no other car will take that much punnishment!!!!

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