alarm cenral locking problem...sporttrack


hi all,
my battery died this morning..on my sporttrack i fetched a new one ...all is fine, but now
the alarm and central locking wont work.... ive looked at fuses that i think i should..nothing seems to have blown...does anyone know whats going wrong here.. do i need to reactivate something...thanks for any help..dave

Probably worth disconnecting

Probably worth disconnecting the alarm and then connecting it back up and re-programming. Check the alarm handbook.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

hi dave gonna try what you sa

hi dave gonna try what you say but theres nothing in any of my sporty manuals saying anthing about how to re programme..any more ideas on this thx

Try Landrover method.

If its the same system as my Discovery:
1. remove the handset battery
2. press and hold the button on handset for 10 seconds to discharge the capacitor.
3. refit the handset battery
4. aim at the car and press handset 4x to reconnect the codes.

hi thanks for that advise...i

hi thanks for that advise...i tried it but no go...thx anyway
gonna try the other method of disc alarm again next
thx dave

email manufacturer.

Try contacting the manufacturer and ask their advice. Manufacturer's name usually on the alarm black-box. Search their name on Yahoo advanced search. I find emails usually get some reply within 24hours.