Over heating Hyjet


The engine (EFI 993cc Three cyl) is overheating and boiling all the coolant away. I am changing the waterpump what else could be causing the problem.

I'd be checking a lot more be

I'd be checking a lot more before I changed the waterpump....Is the rad blocked/damaged? Has the thermostat jammed? Have you flushed the system out completely? Is there a leak? (the system is pressurised, so will boil if there is a leak somewhere).

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

hijet overheating

I had the same problem with my hijet and it was the cylinder head gasket which had caused the problem. Make sure you go to decent garage that knows what it is doing as they can cause more problems than they fix if you don't...After getting my hijet repaired at a garage I had to take it to another to have the engine fixed again as they forgot to connect a hose in the first garage and the engine was overfueling, damaging the lamda sensor....

overheating HI-JET

It is probably due to an eroded head gasket at #1 cyl. I have had the same problem. If the engine has not severely overheated you may get away with just changing the head gasket without having to skim the head. I did and now I never have to so much as top up the cooling system.

Does this car have a viscous

Does this car have a viscous driven fan? If so you might want to have a look at the following page: http://www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk/node/788

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