Steering stiffness


I have an M reg Independent (from new) with 61K on the clock. Not abused and little actual offroad use. As the engine warms, steering tightens on turning to right but is OK on centring and left turns. As I am more conversant with human mechanics than vehicle mechanics, does has anyone have any advice they can offer me on the problem? I have been told the steering box needs replacing at around £1000!!! ouch.:'(

Check these.

Firstly check the steering fluid is full.

If that doesnt sort the problem.....
Jack up the front so both wheels are off the floor. Check if the problem remains when the car is off its wheels.
If NO CHANGE ... faulty steering gear, preload needs adjusting, or a faulty ball joint [likely problem at 61K]. Check all steering linkages for wear. Have the linkages/nipples been greased?

If ITS GONE .... a faulty tire or front wheels are improperly aligned.
Also check the suspension for tightness/wear.

Thanks Mace, will try with fr

Thanks Mace, will try with front end off the ground.

But why should it only appear to happen as the engine warms?

Because the viscosity of the

Because the viscosity of the power steering fluid changes with temperature as everything warms through ?. Is the PAS belt slipping as things warm up ?. Is it the flap valves in the steering system just holding up while the fluid is cold but giving way once it warms up ?.:puzzled:

IMHO it's often as well to check the simple things first, they are often the least costly to correct.

Good luck with it, please let us know what it turns out to be.

Steering Stiffness

Did you sort this problem out? I have a Rocky/Fourtrak with exactly the same problem. I have checked PAS belt, PAS pump, linkages etc but no joy. Any suggestions?