Wood trim ally wheels and interior light and wheel hubs??



I have just bought my first 4X4 a sporty!
I am well impressed with it its a K reg but only 45K miles! ELXi
its got some service history and MOTs to prove mileage!

There are a couple of things i could with with some advice on though!

One thing is that on the 4x4 shop that you guys talk about it asks wether its a mk1 or a mk2 with the years i choose a mk1 due to 1992 but then it come up that i have picked a carb model?

Is mine a old mk1 with mk2 electronic injection or is the site wrong?

I have used the serach facility but it doesnt really bring up much of what iam after.

First is the wood trim this looks like a stick on job and the suns got to it with devastating effects. is there any one who makes a metal replacement? i see that there was someone on eBay but the old link no longer works any one know who this was?

Second my ally wheels are all pitted and they look a little crap!
Any one any ideas on how to clean them just to bring them back up to a shine? what to protect them with once they have been pollished?

Third the interior light isnt working! i have changed the bulb but the contacts seem to have been streched and the bulb looks a loose fit!

Lastly how do i know if they are free wheeling hubs? i will try to put some pics up in the gallery but there is nothing obvious on the wheels! They do look like after market ones though! Help



It will have auto hubs on and they probably will not work. Fit manual hubs you intend to use 4 wheel drive.

It's likely to be a Mk2. I h

It's likely to be a Mk2. I have a J reg 92 ELXI which is a Mk 2.

Don't know of any metal dask kits But you can get a wood one from Formula4x4. Got mine from there and yes, it is a stick on one but looks effective if you take your time & fit it properly.

The original Sporty came with auto locking freewheeling hubs& at 95k mine fell apart so I replaced them with manual hubs. it means getting out of the car each time but well worth it.

One of my original auto hubs stuck on which you can check by trying to turn the drive shaft by hand. if it moves its free, if it don't it's either locked or in my case seized. The other one just fell to bits.

Can't help you with the wheels as mine are in a similar state. I'm just waiting for some pennies to buy replacements and as for the interior light, mine don't work either. It did when iI first got it but as soon as I took it off road it failed. The switch being at the bottom corner of the door may have something to do with it, could be a bad earth or I believe the wiring runs uder the carpet near the front seats and can be prone to damage.