fortrak steel wheels & tyres - for free !!!


Hi, I have 5 white steel "spoked" wheels & tyres to give away.
Wheels are 15 / 6JJ (IIRC) 5 stud and are fitted with 205 x 15 tyres,
4 are well worn (but still legal) bridgestone dualer (SM tread)
and 1 is an ancient but unused dunlop grand-trek (spare). The wheels
are mechanically sound (AFAIK) but are a little tatty. Could be usefull
to someone as a spare off-road set fitted with MT's.

These were fitted to my FT but the originals steel wheels were re-fitted
prior to sale. I would rather give them away then dump them. pm me if you
are interested ...

I am in Bristol and I could travel a **few** miles or you can arrange collection.


Wheels and tyres

Hi. Have sent you a message as i am looking for a spare set for off-road'ing. Cheers.


i only live in cardiff and willing travel to collect and renburse any cost incured


Too late folks - they're gone !