fourtrak start problem.


Hello everybody, i have 1991 2.8 turbo deisel comersial, the problem i have is when the engine is cold, i turn the key as normal, glow plug light goes out after about 4 seconds and the engine kicks up straight away but smokes heavily and spluters until i rev it up, after a couple of minates it clears and stops smoking, once its worm its no problem at all until its been standing and the engine cools down, any ideas would be greatly apreciated.

It sounds like at least one o

It sounds like at least one of the glow plugs has had it. Get them tested at an auto lecky.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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fourtrak start problem

cheers mate, i will get a new set and fit them and see what happens, all the best.

cold start

If it's not the haeter plugs it's because the pump has no cold start device. On the Indepdent the fuel pump has a cold start to advance the pump. You try a retro fit but could be expensive. Sad
I would just live with it. Like I do. Smile