Transfer box, Brake pipe, and V6


Dear All,

On Sunday I had a small incident with my F50 rear prop shaft parting company with the rear axle. It has crushed the copper brake pipe to the rear and I think has broken the transfer box somehow. Does anyone know if there is an easy way of just replacing the crushed section of copper brake pipe or is it a full replacement?

As for the transfer box the high/low lever just will not move from two to 4high or low. Does any one have any ideas. The strange thing is I have it (Assume) in the two wheel drive position but I can drive it using the front axle only. (Its how I got in into the garage after being dropped off by the AA.

Its a 1984 F50 2.5 Diesel. I think it has F20 axles, not sure if the gearbox is F50 or F20.

Finally does anyone have any experience of installing a Ford V6 (v6 is out of a TVR S Series) into an F50? If I have to fit a new Transfer/gear box I may take the opportunity to replace the 2.5 Diesel with a something a little more interesting.

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You can fix this, there are l

You can fix this, there are little threaded connectors that fit over the break pipe onto another connector (ie use four to connect a new piece of pipe in the middle, replacing the crushed part), but you bust bulb the ends of he pipe up to get a good seal. To be honest though it will be as cheap to buy the copper tube and replace the pipe, probably a tenner for a role of pipe.

Hope this helps




Thanks for the info, I have done a few searches on the Net and found some suppliers.