2.8 TD fourtrack none starter


I seem to have no fuel at the injectors? I have fuel at the pump entry & return side, the stop solenoid has had its plunger removed so should allow fuel through? when I take the pipes off at the pump side it seems to only spit out a very small amount of fuel (droplets) but when I undo the bolt in the centre of where the 4 pipes come out it has fuel in & under slight pressure any ideas??

You haven't been running on c

You haven't been running on cold veggie oil or kero have you? If you have it could be a failed pump.. If not is the cam belt ok? This sounds a bit like the problem i'm having as well..

cold veggie oil

Oh yes it is a 2.8 TD engine which I have transplanted into a landrover 110, the old 110 used to run on vegetable oil quite ok, what problems would this cause & will it involve a new pump?

I had this problem with a dif

I had this problem with a different engine (not on vegoil but with the same end result) pumping thick (cold) veggie overloads the pump and causes the hayden? rotor in the end to sieze or shear then its new pump time, kero or AVTUR doesn't give you the same problem thickness wise but has insufficient lubricant properties in the long run - again causing pump problem - The Perkins engine website gives details on it. You might be lucky and get away with it for quite a while - older (worn) pumps seemed to last longer, i think i've solved the starting problem i was having it looks like the pump for manual primings seals etc had perished causing an air leak.

Got a good injector pump for

Got a good injector pump for the 2.8 TD lump sitting in the garage if your interested m8..going cheap