Fuel Starvation (maybe?) 2.8TD


Can anybody shed any light on a problem i'm having with a Fourtrak engine that has been out for a rebuild, now it will only run continously at about 2000 rpm - any lower than that and it slowly dies, however if you pump the hand primer it will happily tickover for as long as you keep pumping.
Once it dies its a bugger to restart, but if you turn it off whilst still pumping the manual primer then it will restart again instantly? If it had a seperate lift pump i would have thought that was the problem maybe not supplying enough fuel, all the fuel lines are clear, and when its running you can loosen each injector line in turn and theres plenty of fuel there??
Before the rebuild it was fine (starting and ticking overwise anyway) and the pump was overhaulled recently before that as well?
Any suggestions?


Try a new filter first as the cheap option.
Could be the lift pump in the main fuel pump. But you say it has been overhauled, Warranty claim?
The filter head could be shot and leaking air.

fuel starvation

Check the banjo bolts on the fuel pump where the fuel lines for the feed and return pipes connect.The feed banjo usually has a larger hole than the return,if these have been refitted onto the wrong line the smaller hole of the return pipe banjo bolt will not let the fuel through fast enough + the larger hole will allow too much fuel to return to the tank.here's hoping you get it sorted!

fuel starvation possible blockage

I had a very simular problem with a Toyota HILUX a few years ago. It was starving for fuel I replaced the filter a couple of times all of the O rings I could find, drained the tank and it still didn't fix it. So I took it to the local diesel mech and the found that the inlet side of the primary filter was blocked with what appeared to be some kind of hair (?). So grab a spanner and disconnect the inlet side of the fuel line and check it out for blockages.