Changing gaiters on front cv joints.


Hi there, while looking under my 1994 Independent I see that the rubber gaiters on the CV joints are split. (curious how it passed a MOT in Augest)
It seems quite a big job to replace them as you have to remove the front hub from Angel the suspension and (b) the driveshaft. Now the question, has anyone used the universal type gaitors which are split down the side, and which you glue up after placing them around the driveshaft? Are they a waste of time? or will they last for a year or so?
All replies appreciated,
Nigel in Ireland.

hello nigel, six months ago i

hello nigel, six months ago i would have said not to bother as they are crap. however recently a fellow mechanic showed me one that cost about £25 and it had stuck really well, so well that the actual gaitor would tear before the join.
so if you can find a good one go for it, cheap ones are a waste of time. i'm afraid i dont know who made the quality one though.

all the best, mark

Cv botts

Buy genuine ones. The prices are right down due to Daihatsu UK selling off loads of stock. Fourtrak is no longer made so lots of parts to shift Smile
Try Talk to Alan Kelly in parts at Bedale. He should be able to sort you out.