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Has anyone looked at the website for Daihatsu Japan? There are some weird and wonderful motors to see there. I was very impressed with how much content the site has. Although it's in Japanese, if you look along the bottom toolbar when you point your mouse at an option, your choice appears in English. I looked for the Terios and found a lot of variation. I particularly liked the double headlights, different from the UK spec and improves the look of the car a great deal. Will I be able to change the headlights in my Terios for these? Can they be sourced in the UK?
There is also a Terios variant called the Terios Kid and a Special Edition called the 'Kissmark'. Worth a look if you get 5 mins to spare. www.daihatsu.co.jp



Yeah I've been there a few times. They do have some funky looking cars on there. It's a shame we don't get some of them over here.

I would imagine that you would be able to fit the twin headlights to your Terios. However I doubt that you will be able to source them in the uk.

I managed to get hold of a japanese accessory catalogue for my YRV Turbo but was told by Daihatsu UK that the bits I wanted aren't available in this country. I am currently trying to find out how to source them.

jap parts

might be worth trying here
if u can give them details they can source parts for you. from there i got some HKS bits for my turbo mira classic. i provided them the parts numbers from the jap HKS site. all the best Wink


I took a look at the site. It said that they will only try to source parts for existing customers. Had you already bought something from them or did they do it anyway?

taka kaira

i cant remember now! unless i bought something trivial first. i must of bought something already listed but im not sure! im pretty sure i emailed the parts enquiry or something.

Sourcing Japanese parts in the UK

I've only had my Terios for one week now (bought privately) so I've not bought anything for it yet but I'm already looking to spruce it up with those snazzy headlights as seen on the Japanese models but if the UK dealerships can't source them then there's not much hope as the Terios (amazingly) isn't that popular in Britain.
Mike (Crewe)

Mike (Crewe)

Daihatsu Japan

I visit the site about once a month, some of the JDM models and accessories are amazing.

The page with the viewable, Japanese TV commercials for their current models is a great idea for anyone intersted in their cars, outside of Japan.


Daihatsu commercials Japan

I've seen those commercials. A very good idea when you are looking to buy. Very amusing too. My favourite is the one for the 'Latte' when the girl eats a lobster and the claw flies across the room and lands on someones head!

Mike (Crewe)

Mike (Crewe)