Just brought a sporty


Hi all, I just had my suzuki sj written off, some plonker hit my behind.
I have always loved these sportys because of the hard roof and clean interiors and the pully engine and ......Oh youve heard it all before.
I was a bit lucky and brought mine for £400 with a privite plate, and a long pink sticker down one side.
I do however have a few problems with it, It has two differant size tyres, 1 being 195t15 on the front and the rears being 205/70t15?????? Any idea on what this is meant to be, also we have a missfire, i located this to number 4 cylinder, with a Broken ht lead, so i found one to replace with, but its still missfiring, poss plug.
I also have a strange knocking which appears to be coming from the front near the belts, is this common?
But all in all im well pleased with it, Comfey interior, no massive rust holes, no bouncing from one side of the motorway to the other, Im well happy.
Best off all i brought my sj with 6 months mot for £80 and i got paid out £700 through the insurers, so i got the car for nothing really, with change. Smile