service on terios


I bought a Terios Just over a year ago, I was wondering when should I do any service on it. I change the oil after 2.000 km and on the 12000km.I now have 24.000km. I was wondering if I need any major service (change air filters, breaks etc) . I am looking on the manual and I do not find any suggestions. Can any one help me please???

Thank yopu very much,



As you are talking in Kms I presume you are not in the UK.
12000 miles is about 20000kms so have a major service at about 40000kms.


Thank you very much for your reply, you are right,I am not in the UK, before the major servive what else do I need to do apart of chaning oils and filters?



Check the transmission levels and keep the brakes adjusted in the rear drums. Smile