fourtrax reverse gear problem


somtimes when i try to select reverse gear the gear cannot be selected and it feals as if the leaver is soild. Putting the car into neutral, realising the clutch and trying again makes no difference. Any help please?


Does the gearbox grind a little going into second and fourth?
Could be the mainshaft and layshaft nuts loose. This meens transferbox off the back of the gearbox and hope the shafts aren't broken where the nut goes on.
Or it cuold be just the clutch is kaput.

no it does not grind between

no it does not grind between any gears, but it sometines requires some pressure to select all gears just as if the cluch was part engaging but the clutch seems ok with no dragging.

Aha .... mine does that too

The gearbox is fine, but changing just about everything hasn't fixed the judder.

In its time my lwb 4trak has had a new clutch, engine mounts, and clutch cable. Basically I just live with it because, as soon as I've driven 4 miles or so, the vehicle is fine.