Should I be stopping super Sportrak for changing 2WD to 4WD (NOT 4L!!)


Greetings again fellow Sportrak lovers.

Just returned from the U.K. (Carlisle is awash!) to the land of ice and fire.

My question is this:

Is it okay to change from 2WD to 4WD without stopping the vehicle? I have to change between the two frequently on the road to Reykjavík as the surface changes from slush, snow, ice, tarmac and mud. The Sporty seems quite happy with the changes, and I think I have automatic hubs (?!!!)

My old Subaru Justy managed this fine without stopping!

Driving through a foot or so of powdery snow yesterday had the pleasure of seeing my mate´s Pajero 88 SWB stuck in said area. How I laughed as I whizzed through nonchalantly!!!


says in the manuals you shouldnt change to 4wd above 5mph, tried this in fourtrack and it does grind a bit so i always stop to be on the safe side, must be better for them as doesnt put as much strain on system regards mark

If you have manual hubs only.

If you have manual hubs only.
If you have hubs unlocked, DO NOT change from 2H to 4H with the vehicle moving. The front axle/diff/prop shaft/transfer case components are not moving in 2wd. You will clash these stationary components with moving components in the transfer case.
If, however, you have your hubs locked, then a simple de-clutch should see the change from 2H to 4H go smoothly, provided your not in mud or similar, with rear wheels spinning madly, and front wheels basically stationary.

The Subaru would have had no problems as, being front wheel drive, and with no free wheeling hubs on the rear, both drivelines are moving at much the same speed.

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